Thursday, November 13, 2008

I've got the bad case of the shivers.

Ben moved in. I'm stoked. Party time. Excellent.
He has a lot of really awesome wall art. We spent a small portion of last night running around the apartment and seeing which framed photograph looked better where on our wall. My apartment looks better already. I will post some photos when I take them.

I applied at H&M. I hope I get a job there. Le sigh. I need to get out of this cubicle. If I did leave this place of employment, I will miss only 2 people out of the 100 some that work here. Isn't that sad? I've made no attempt to connect with anyone in my office except Cheo and Sara. Sara is my team leader and she is amazing. I always go to her when I have a crush on a new boy, or when I'm upset about a former boy. She tells me about her husband. He is a stupid asshole. She derserves better.

I will also miss Cheo. He is, like, the playboy of my department. All the ladies in my department and even from outside departments looove some Cheo. He sits in the cubicle directly next to mine. I always hear his rap music coming from his headphones. He likes to call and play me M.I.A. through my work phone. It makes me very happy. It reminds me of that scene from The Virgin Suicides. Those boys call the Lisbon girls when they are in lockdown and play them records over the phone.


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