Thursday, November 20, 2008

just rude.

I recieved a text from my best friend Katie today...and another from her yesterday.
The first text was her boasting about how she got some adderall. I texted her back how that sounded like fun, how many did she get because I would be delighted to buy some from her. She texted back that she only had one. psh whatever.
Then today, I am sitting at my desk at work. I am very hungry. I think she sensed this somehow because she texted me and again boasted about how she is about to eat a pizza and asked me if I was jealous. What a bitch, right? Dangling her adderall and amazing low-carb pizza in my face. One more outburst from her, and I'm pulling this car over...on our friendship.

[katie, i love you. this is all propaganda]

It's a very very cold day in Indianapolis.
I need-- hot tea, my bed, my dishes to be done when I get home, ciggs, Family guy, Star Wars, grilled cheese with tomato and Amy's Vegetable soup, Two-hearted beer, dancing, and ofcourse, I need all this in moderation. If I had this all at once, I would probably be in the hospital.

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