Monday, November 3, 2008

Quall Man for Obama

Halloween was fantastic and saddening at the same time. My good friend Ben lost his job at Jimmy Johns. There was a bike race going on and Jimmy Johns was used downtown for a checkpoint. His boss, purposely, drunk drove around Jimmy Johns quite a few times and saw all of us there, called Ben at around midnight, and fired him. Even though Ben cleared it with him first. And he was wasted. It was ridiculous. He was really upset.

Sometime after that [after jessica fell up some stairs and busted her knees], we dressed in our makeup and blood, went to Broadripple to go have a drink and costume watch. I saw many Jokers, more zombies, pirates, Marie Antoinettes, & demons. Quall Man from Doug was even there. So amazing. He sat next to me at the bar and we talked politics. I think he was way smashed so I didn't understand most of what he said. But I did make out that he was an Obama supporter. It was hard to take him seriously because the belt on top of his head kept smacking me in the face.

After we got good and liquored up, we made the intelligent choice & drove, dancing the whole way, to Steak N Shake downtown at about 5am and ordered a grilled cheese and tomato. We chatted it up with an inmate and the man in the yellow hat.
sidenote: I love the steak n shake in downtown Indianapolis. There are some interesting waitors there. One of them inparticular I have special interest in. He is a tall guy, slightly scrawney, face shrunken in a bit, insect eye glasses that make his eyes look a cartoon, awkward, a flat top/mullet-esque type hair cut, a rat tail, & very gay. He is very special to me haha If you ever see him, you will understand my love for him. He IS a cartoon.

Saturday night was less eventful, but all good as well. I got dressed up again because of my sisters birthday/halloween party. Which I imediately regretted. It's a lot of work looking like the undead. I just sat on the porch, drank beer, & smoked cigarettes with one of my mom's friends, in full attire. Then I went over to Katie's and watched Candyman with her and ate Steak N shake again. I felt kinda wierd the rest of the night.

Yesterday was the perfect Sunday. I woke up, feeling really good. I took a hot bath, smoked a couple cigarettes, listened to some records, & layed around with my cat children. I got my laundry together, went to target, sipped on my chai tea, went to the laundry and tan, obviously-did not tan, did my laundry & got further into White Oleander. I read a lot yesterday. After that, I went to Fountain Square to Value Village. I struck gold! Later that night--Indian food with Jessica, Ben, Jesse Lee, & Dereck & then pool at the Alley cat.
That sums up my weekend for the most part. It was fantastic.
Here are some photos from Halloween, which are also on my myspace.


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