Wednesday, November 19, 2008


- Last night, I went over to Katies. We made low-carb pizzas, salads, giggled a lot & watched Sister Act. I love the 90's due to that movie. It was one of the most relaxing nights I've had in awhile. Amazing.

- I met up with the artistic director of YAT yesterday, Justin. He is awesome. He is very intense but calming at the same time. I've never met anyone who could get my attention like he does. Jessica and I have deemed him one of our saints. The other is Maury, the bartender from the Alley Cat in Broadripple. He always comes up, gives us hugs, and makes us good drinks. We need more saints. We haven't found many in the Indianapolis area. Many people we have come to meet are assholes. We just want them to go to hell.

- I am trying to find more interesting ways to make the best grilled cheese sandwich ever. Apparently, my roomate Ben thinks his grilled cheeses are tip top. I went grocery shopping the other day and I got these ingrediants to make the best grilled cheese ever: swiss cheese, wheat bread, eggs, tomatos, cheddar cheese...
Plus I'm going to get some avacados. I think it sounds fantastic.

you should watch this video if you want:

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