Monday, December 8, 2008

everyone's at it.

Today is hell for me. I have been sleeping restlessly for the past few nights.
I'm anxious, I'm sore, I'm horribly awkward and I can't seem to keep my balance.
I need sleep. My body aches for it. I need some horizontal nothingness.

Otherwise, everything is good.
I'm trying to not notice my aching limbs and back.
Lily Allen's sweet voice seems to be taking the focus off.

But this is my worry today about myself:
I wish I was able to make choices that would be somewhat selfish.
Sounds wierd, I know. But I need to be selfish sometimes and do what is best for me.
Even if it means I have to hurt someone else. Fuck.



David Rodney said...

You should be the most important person in your life. You only get one, no point in wasting it by not doing the things that are in your own best interest.

chanie said...

cheer up buttercup.
i feel your pain.
we'll self medicate with wine soon
and hopefully feel a little better.