Tuesday, January 20, 2009

felling any foe with my gaze

This week is going to be the week for me.
I get a massive amount of money for my time and effort with costumes for Alice and Wonderland and Sleeping Beauty.
I guess, it's not massive but it's helpful, for sure.
And I get to pay off many bills.

This week, I want to accomplish:
-go tanning...psh.
-getting high 1 night with Jessica
-Getting Sushi with Alicia
-reading to page 300 in Breaking Dawn [Bella just got knocked up with a mutant vampire baby who is growing really fast in her belly. In result, I'm really mad at Edward. ]
-not eating
-figure out what I'm going to do about Seattle
-watch the rest of season 3 of Arrested Development
-perfecting my boufant.

I will probably just resort in getting drunk and dancing.

Right Marc Bolan?



chanie said...

reading this made me miss you!

Gabrielle Hatfield said...

i miss youuuuu.
come back so we can hang out in my room and watch Andy Samberg videos and fake snore.