Monday, January 5, 2009

strain to taste.

I'm so sick, my tastebuds have given up on me.
I can't taste a damn thing. My mom made me lasssssana last night.
I couldn't taste it at all. It's cruel.
These past days have been a blurr. So much cold medicine and blowing my nose.
I suck at self medicating.

I've watched so many movies while in quarentine:
Empire Records
Which is still as halarious as it was in high school.
The Breakfast Club
Sliding Doors
High Fidelity [a cosby sweatah!]
I still need to watch the Star Wars Trilogy.
I'm sure the happiness of watching Star Wars will make my immune system soar.

I stoked for Jan 31st to come. Seattle, seattle, & more seattle with Derek and Jesse Lee in celebration of the Chinese New Year.
Bus to Chicago, plane to Seattle.

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