Friday, January 16, 2009

thinking thoughts.

I have been drinking for the past 3 nights to cope with the weather in general.
It's coming out my pores now.
I bet if you wafted my scent, you would know exactly what I have been drinking for the past 72 hours.
Pine trees.

I woke up today 5 minutes before I was suppose to be at work.
I feel disgusting.

It's freezing in my building.

The only thing I care about lately is my hair.

Wishing for a warm bed and a pack of smokes.

I have a good 800 pages to read in my book. Jessica is reading the same book. She is ahead of me. It's a race. I'm getting defeated.

I'm costuming later on this evening. I haven't seen Justin all week, I miss him.

Call me a jesus diva, but I'm not doing shit until i get a god damn shower.

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