Thursday, January 22, 2009

we're going all the way.

Sometimes, I am so confident in so much.
Sometimes, I am not at all.
It's a toss up, most days.
But I know one thing that is certain today...
I love Sambuca.
And my hair looks fantastic.

T-minus 10 days until Seattle. Stoked. Hyped. All that.
Jesse, Derek and I went over how we were going to get there.
It wont be tricky if one person is thinking straight.

Jesse has the Pravada show on Jan 31st, next Saturday, which everyone needs to go to btw! We go there and steal Jesse away to Chicago, where we will fly out to Seattle. Derek's father works for the airline and got us discount tickets, which means we have to fly stand-by. It's great because if coach fills, we are allowed first class seats. And apparently, there is a dress code for first class. We are all going to look like secret agents. Drunk or newly hungover secret agents. It's going to be fun. I hope we get in first class.

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