Thursday, February 12, 2009

these days.

I just got back from Seattle/Oregon about a week ago. It was so much fun. I loved every minute of it. The west coast is a different world. A beautiful one.
Airports are retarded. I mean, I'm glad we have security more strict than not...but I don't understand why they made me throw away a good amount of toilettre items...I bought a bunch of those little travel size body lotions, soaps and shampoos. They weren't in a ziplock baggy so I had to toss them...I was, needless to say, pissed off. They almost threw my makeup away too. Almost. They went through all my shit. Which is fine...I didn't have anything a huge vibrator or something. But it was a huge pain in my ass. I used to love going to the airport, until this trip. I should have known. I was just so tired, I was not in the mood.

The night I got back, I was really sick. I never thought being jet lagged would mess with my body as much and as long as I thought. It's been a week and I am finally getting my appetite back. I guess I left it up in the sky. Jesse swears he has it, because he can't stop eating. My whole system was thrown way off. My sleeping has been wierd too. It sucks! Plus, I've been a bit sad since I've been back. I went from gorgeous beaches and mountains to freezing, flat, snow covered Indiana.

happenings :

- 25 cent peep show [giggles]
- aquarium, I'm in love with otters and seals
- hostel, amazing...I met so many cool people in the smoking room
- Cha Cha bar
- vietnamese food...never try a quall eggs...yuck.
- Grey art gallery
- Canon Beach
- Haystack Rock
- My seagull friend, French Fry
- unfriendly cab drivers
- pinball machines out the ying yang
- china town

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Alicia said...

let's move there now!