Thursday, March 12, 2009


Life is good.
Friends are good.
Katie and I go to sushi pretty much once or twice a week at Fujiyama.
It's great. We gab about American idol and Twilight. Straight luxury to me.

I'm trying not to take things too seriously and just enjoy myself. For the most part, I am.
But I've come to realize that I'm a very anxious person and I need to just chill out and have a beer.

I get really anxious when I feel like I'm going to be late to something. Justin noticed the other night when we were going to pick my friend Jesse up. I had a set time I was suppose to pick him up and we were running late. I was speeding and getting really frantic. He was trying to calm me down because it wasn't that big of a deal.
My mother said that she would like me to get on some anti anxiety medication.
I have trouble sleeping at night sometimes because I'm worried about something. I get that lovely trait from my mom and grandma.

I start working at the Brass Ring this weekend. I'm very excited about it. VERY. I need to stay busy and make money!
Justin is going out of town to NYC with a couple of his ladyfrans...he is letting me stay at his place so I can sleep in his comfy bed and watch his cable. Stoked! I might even bring my cat.
check this crab's real. eek.


shhhkate said...

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