Monday, March 2, 2009

that's what I want.

Being so anti-social feels so good.
I hardley talk to anyone anymore.
It's nice to escape. I talk to Katie...and Justin. That's it.

However, shit has been crazy as of late...

+ I most likely will be let go from my job in a week or two.
+ My bills are higher than ever.
+ I want to go back to school so bad!

I just want money....that's what I want.

Young actors is going really well.
I'm still learning how to teach teenagers how to act.
Drama is nothing new to these kids.

I had a pepperjack melt from Steak N Shake the other's all I can think about.
Right now, I want to watch Hot Rod, read the last bit of Breaking Dawn [the last book in the Twilight Series], eat a Pepperjack Melt and cheese fries, sleep a little, smoke a little, and write in my new notebook.

Justin and I are going to start fasting this week, I think.
Fasting and then going to Walmart and buying a Twilight poster to put in his room. No joke.
He is kinda a poser...he doesn't want to read the books...he hates fiction. Fag...

...but for 10 days! No Steak n toxs...
I was recently at a bar and a friend was on this lemon and cayenne pepper diet. Cause I was getting real drunk and he was sipping on a water...supergay. Anyways, I had heard of this diet before BUT always thought it was super unhealthy because Kelly from the office passed out from one weight loss episode. I think Michael had a beard in that particular episode. Anyways, Kelly looked like death.

I have been doing research on it, and apparently, it's ok! My good friend Kate even said it was healthy. I mentioned in a previous blog that it seemed unhealthy, but Kate put that theory to rest. I trust Kate, she knows her stuff.

So I'm going to get super skinny and hot. Then I will make Robert Pattinson my boyfriend...

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