Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a blog about Katie but I don't want her to read it.

I know this girl.  She is really beautiful and genuine.  She is a fantastic photographer.  She loves Queen.  She has this laugh that is the best thing ever.  It sounds as if I'm in love with her.....anyways...she's my best friend and she is graduating from college soon....and when I say's next weekend!

I want her to have a big bang after her day of freedom.

these are my ideas:

1] Strippers & cocaine

2] Running naked through the streets

3] Taking her to the mall and making her steal panties from Victoria's Secret with me

4] Going to the east side and getting into a fight with a bum

5] A serious dance party--no smiling

AND for my last, final, and most reasonable plan of attack...

Taking her and all our friends out and getting her way smashed.
She's free now.
Details are being worked out. 


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