Wednesday, April 22, 2009

the game of life...

I have decided that I am in a happy place in my life.  
I have surrounded myself with the best of the best. 
I absolutely love my job, which is a rare thing for me.
Getting fired from the smart/responsible/boring office job was the best outcome.
I'm not trying to be cocky, but I feel like I look the best then I ever had.
Maybe that is an illusion but ever since I've started working at the bar...I have this new wave of confidence that I've never had before.  Who new that being a cocktail waitress could make you feel so empowered.  I've met so many amazing people who I am honored to call my friends.

this post is a bit goofy but it's honest.
Being young and dumb never felt so good, ya'll.

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shhhkate said...

this blog made me happier than i've been all day.